Jeeter has officially landed 🪐

Product review
Baby Jeeter Bubba G liquid diamond-infused pre-roll

Jeeter has made its way to Canada, and upon doing so sold out in BC within 3 days…

After making some serious waves in the US, and creating a lifestyle brand that collaborated with Dwayne Wade it seems that their products have a big name to live up to! Who better to give us a product review than our very own Budtenders, after all, they smoke, sell, and serve the good stuff every single day.

Cool fact – Jeeter is actually a slang word for a joint in South Florida.

Before we get to the reviews, let’s break down the product a little bit more… If you just want the review then scroll down.

Product Bio

Bubba G is a popular Indica strain with a genetic cross that includes Indiana Bubble Gum. A super sweet berry flavour, with hints of bubblegum and a slightly spicy finish. The more you toke, the sweeter this Jeeter gets. A body-numbing high with a slight stimulation.

THC Percentage and CBD

36% – 40% THC

Product specifics

Bubba G Baby Jeeters come in a 5×0.5g format.
Indica strain.
Infused with diamond & Kief


Relaxed – Sleepy – Happy


Trans Caryophyllene


Les – Budtender at Wellend

A very sturdy reusable plastic container that is easy to open and when you do super loud aromatics of sweet berry, candy-like, Bubble gum (bubblicious for me) immediately grab your senses! All 5 pre-rolls are pretty even as far as dimensions, kief goes right to filter with no gaps, and the Folded filter has a strain name, and is color-coded. All this sports a Dutch crown for lighting (when the paper is folded instead of twisted on the end) Dry pull continues to give more of that berry, bubblegum-like sweetness with a delicate dose of floral and spice

The Ultimate light is the tip on a 45° angle and once engulfed then blow out and start your experience. True to the dry pull still lots of sweet berries, Bubblegum Sugary goodness, with just a hint of floral on the exhale. These pre-rolls should never and I have not experienced any canoeing…if it starts happening Jeeter will auto-correct itself! Also sports a very clean white stable ash! Duration 7-10 min burn time. Effects can be felt in the temple and cheekbone areas. Slowly crept into the neck, even experiencing some short-lived yawning. After 20 mins or so the effects start to lighten.

Can also still taste the berry with lingering flowers on the tongue. No clogging of filter which sometimes happens with infused. A great purchase if you’re looking for an afternoon/evening delight with a calm, relaxing, and body-soothing experience.’’

Overall: 8/10

Cira- Budtender at St Catharines

Packaging: Eye-catching pink “push down” capped bottle of 5 x .5g loose infused pre-rolls. Neatly states the type of infusion on the front of the labeling.

First Look: Kief coated and with a Dutch crown fold, it is a great-looking joint from all sides. The pink filter tips matching the bottle is a nice touch for aesthetic sake.

Smell/Dry Pull: Sweet strawberry and that juicy traditional bubble gum goodness, the smell alone gets my mouth watering

Overall Taste: First few hauls to the last hits and it’s just as sweet tasting as it smells. Exhale is a little more herby as the flower speaks through.

High/Effects: The mix of the flower/kief/liquid diamond enhancement creates such a uniquely layered sesh that by the end of the joint I feel very relaxed but also chatty and happy.

I really liked the size of the pre-roll and the amount of time it took to smoke this by myself. It makes a nice solo session or quick treat to share amongst friends. The flavour was tasty from the first light to the filter. It did burn hot near the end of the joint and I found myself in a bit of a coughing fit a few hauls deep but a solid pick up from the infused world.

Overall: 8/10

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