Tweed Tiger Cake Quickies 🐅

Product review

Tweed Tiger Cake Pre-rolls

Tweed set up shop four years ago in an abandoned chocolate factory in Ontario, and like a modern-day Willy Wonka started to create some rather magical and tasty goods. Unfortunately, these weren’t chocolate, fortunately, it was Weed!

Now they have over 7 million square feet of space in Canada and have become a neighbourhood favourite.

Product Bio

Every Tiger Cake pre-roll is milled evenly and machine-rolled to create that consistent burn. Every quickie is made with quality, whole-bud Tiger Cake, a potent THC, and is an Indica strain. Tiger Cake is a cross between Layer Cake and The Menthol. This flower gives a heavy hint of orange, and sprinkles of vanilla, diesel, and minty flavours.

THC Percentage and CBD

20% – 26% THC

Product specifics

Tweed Tiger Cake Quickies come in a 10×0.35g format.

Indica strain.


Relaxed – Sleepy – Happy






Les – Budtender at Welland Inspired

Comes in a slightly harder-to-open package, you need to press both sides while opening the middle front as well. Inside you find fairly symmetrical pre rolls Using bleached papers, spiral filters and a twisted end the main aroma is Earth followed up by doughy hints and spicy whispers.

Inside you will also find a Boveda pack to help regulate humidity. I’ve had these before where they were very doughy and creamy like, this batch seems to be more Earthy and the hops are prominent alongside that doughy taste. The flame gives the flower a nice taste transfer…just like the dry haul much earth and hops with that creamy dough lingering in the background. Ash isn’t quite as clean as some others more a darker ash ( could be a curing issue) Duration 5-7 minutes Effects included a relaxed, slightly calming vibe while staying focused on the task at hand.

Great purchase for the daily consumer as an afternoon pick-me-up or weekend consumer( great on the dock at the cottage) looking to be in the moment! As a more experienced smoker the .35 little smaller than what I personally roll so I would enjoy 2 or 3 at a time as you can’t fly on one wing!

Overall: 7.5/10

Cira – Budtender at St Catharines Inspired

Packaging: In a push-tab-to-open box, loose 10 x .35g with Boveda pack included, terpene % shown on label

First Look: The joints were packed evenly throughout the roll with a nice long filter tip and a wick tip twist-off, a personal preference of mine when smoking a pre-roll.

Smell/Dry/Pull: Subtle diesel notes with a big hit of mint and sour citrus

Taste: Gassy and heavy on the tongue with almost a sweetness at the end of the exhale.

High/Effects: I lit up while catching up on some shows and soon felt the all over warm and fuzzies. Behind the eyes and down my back is where I felt the most relaxation, which is great for winding down after a day at work or a day of chores. I had to re-light about halfway through but even then the taste was fine.

The nose is a lot more heavy on the citrus than what translates to taste but I enjoyed the buzz. My experience is it was just enough to relax, still keep the focus but then not really care if you lose the focus.

Overall: 7/10

Moe – Budtender at Regina Inspired

I really enjoyed the Tweed quickies. They hit smooth from the joint and burn pretty evenly. When the joint is sparked up it smells so lovely. It has a deep dank and gassy smell, very reminiscent of legacy weed. In terms of taste though you get notes of vanilla but mostly a fresh, skunky taste.

I can heavily pick up on the layer cake notes with the body hug and then the menthol adds on a bit of energy so you aren’t stuck to the couch at all. I had tried the tiger cake when it was new and I was so surprised at how uplifting it was even though it is an indica.

Overall: 7/10

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